Teach Yourself Macro Photography

Teach Yourself Macro Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Macro Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Macro Photography
Includes Shipping
Teach Yourself Macro Photography
Includes Shipping
Published 9th August 2018

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Open up a whole new world of possibilities with the art of macro photography. Capture tiny things in huge detail and make everyday objects appear larger than life. Teach Yourself Macro Photography covers everything you need to embark on a journey of close-up photography – from the specialist kit required, to picking the perfect subject, shooting creatively and editing to absolute perfection. Inside you’ll find projects that will enable you to shoot artistically and gain inspiration from the talented image-makers that we’ve interviewed. If that wasn’t enough we took some readers on a series of miniature adventures with four professional photographers – they found tiny creatures in Cornwall, photographed with a unique field setup, captured artful water splashes and more. This brand new bookazine will help you get up-close and more than personal with your subjects. Capture ordinary things in an extraordinary way and record tiny details like never before. 

Inside you'll find:
- Techniques

Discover how to get started in the art of macro photography and learn the essential tricks and techniques:
- Discover magical macro
- Macro on a budget
- Close up photography
- Master creative macro
- Edit your macro shots like a pro
- Be inspired

Learn from the professionals. Take your photography to the next level with expert tips and advice:
- Hidden world
- Help me shoot a bug’s life
- David Maitland
- Meet your neighbours
- Master of macro
- Life in miniature
- Making a splash
- Projects

Take things a bit further with our in-depth step-by-step projects for shooting up close:
- Frozen flowers
- Creative macro photography
- Shoot black and white fine-art macro
- Stack ‘em up
- Think inside the box
- Kit Zone

Discover the essential kit you need for the best macro photography possible:
- Choose the best camera
- Macro lenses
- Camera remotes
- Ring lights
- Sensor cleaners

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