PhotoPlus Spring 2019 Issue 151

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Published 2nd April

We’ll help you capture all of Spring at its best, from flowery woodlands to lush landscapes, close-ups of nature to birds in flight, we’ll help you master your Canon camera, lenses and kit to take best-ever Spring photos.

Our lucky PhotoPlus Apprentice photographs various creature up-close with a macro photography workshop with Miles Herbert from CaptiveLight, from a huge, hairy tarantula, to tropical frogs and harvest mice up-close in his studio.  

We interview maverick US landscape photographer Valerie Millett, who reveals his stunning portfolio, and the obstacles she’s overcome during her career to date. 

We have more fantastic photo projects and with free video guides on your Video Disc; including how to use key and fill lighting for better portraits, taking two exposures of a high-contrast scene to merge them for better, balanced exposures and more dynamic skies, plus getting to grips with fisheye lenses. 

Plus we test Canon’s new, great-value EOS RP mirrorless full-frame camera, find out our honest verdict of this ground-breaking camera, and we test eight fast telephoto zooms from Canon, Sigma and Tamron.