PhotoPlus August 14 - Issue 90

Landmarks and landscapes, Perfect Wedding Portraits guide, specialist lenses and ring flash on test
PhotoPlus August 14 - Issue 90

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In PhotoPlus August Issue 90
Discover the secret to taking your landscape photography to the next level by using local landmarks. Perfect Wedding Portraits guide, from planning and camera setup to fast Photoshop shortcuts, we’ll give you the confidence to enjoy shooting the Big Day. 
Also inside, we go in-depth into dynamic range in our Workshop, we help a reader buy a ring flash, and test eight specialist lenses from fisheye and wide primes to tilt-shift and clever telephotos. 
We also have new photo projects, and a great new 10-chapter Photoshop course starting this issue with a guide to Adobe Camera Raw. Plus there’s Part 5 of Your New Canon EOS D-SLR Guide, with tips on getting the most out of your LCD!