PhotoPlus 6 Months Bundle

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PhotoPlus is the biggest and best magazine for Canon EOS DSLR photographers. Save 30% when you buy this PhotoPlus 6 month bundle which includes 6 issues. Limited stock available!

Includes PhotoPlus Issues 153/154/155/156/157/158

Inside issue 153: We’ve collated our top ten essential Canon skills from mastering metering and focusing, to better exposures and compensations; and from setting shutter speed and controlling depth of field with apertures. 

Inside issue 154: Canon pro Drew Buckley takes our Apprentice around picturesque castles in Wales, showing them how to take great shots. 

Inside issue 155: Learn how to push your Canon kit and camera skills to the limits by photographing fast-flying birds of prey with our Apprentice and Canon pro photographer, Guy Edwardes.

Inside issue 156: Landscape photography is very popular with many enthusiast photographers, so this issue we’ve dedicated our big Canon skills guide to helping you take your scenic photography to the next level. 

Inside issue 157: We preview two new Canon EOS cameras to launch this month. The new Canon EOS 90D is an all-new APS-C DSLR aimed at enthusiasts who need a fast machine to capture sports and wildlife, the second new Canon camera is the EOS M6 Mark II, which manages to match many of the 90D’s specs, yet squeezed inside a slightly smaller, mirrorless system body. 

Inside issue 158: We test Canon’s new APS-C DSLR, the EOS 90D. Is this the best-ever enthusiast-level Canon camera? We reveal all in our comprehensive test!

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