PhotoPlus Annual 2019

PhotoPlus Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
PhotoPlus Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
PhotoPlus Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
PhotoPlus Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
Published 6th September 2018

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Divided into clear sections, we’ve included your favourite features from the magazine, such as The Apprentice, The Pro Interview, CanonSkills and CanonSchool, as well as in-depth guides and more. Learn techniques from expert photographers, take inspiration from stunning imagery, and follow step-by-step tutorials. Whether you want to master your DSLR, get to grips with Canon’s software, or tackle creative projects in Photoshop and Lightroom, this is the ultimate companion for all Canon photographers.

Inside you'll find:

-The eagle has landed 
Take great portraits of birds of prey in Canon pro Tim Flach's studio 

- Great garden photography 
Capture marvellous macro shots of plants and flowers 

- Perfect Portraits 
Light and capture a variety of studio portraits with Emma Finch 

- Seaside to seascapes 
Capture stunning seaside scenes and long-exposure seascapes 

- Master your canon lenses 
Get the most out of your Canon lenses with this essential guide 

- Gig photography masterclass 
Are your camera skills up to the unique challenge of a live music event? 

- Zone-focusing 
Capture sharp candid shots of strangers on the street 

- Urban architecture
Find an expressive way to shoot modern buildings 

- Panning for gold 
Slow down action and blur the backgrounds of moving subjects 

- Boost tonal range 
Learn how to solve the problem of harsh sunlight 

- Environmental portraiture 
Add to the atmosphere in your portraits 

- Photograph new babies 
Discover how to shoot portraits of newborn babies
- Wonderful windmills 
Learn how to shoot more creative compositions of landmarks 

- Classic clifftops 
Improve your photos of beautiful, high-vantage coastal seascapes 

- The brenizer effect 
Create panoramic portraits with a unique effect
- Shot in the dark 
Capture dazzling portraits during the darkest hours

- ND filters with flash 
Both blur and darken backgrounds to capture more dramatic portraits 

- 50 Canon tips 
Learn great new ways to master your DSLR's settings
- Take control of tones 
Use clever adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements
- Make perfect prints 
Prepare for printing by enhancing colours and sharpening in elements 

- Sky-high selection skills 
Make complex cutouts with ease in Photoshop CC 

- Spring a leak
Use templates and layer effects in Photoshop CC to create a retro light leak effect
- Make minimalist moody monos 
Convert a long exposure to black and white in Lightroom 

- Controlling colour 
Correct colour casts and enhance Raw images in Lightroom

- Jillian Edelstein 
Talks about her South African roots, her dream job and Nelson Mandela 

- Tom Jenkins 
Award winning sports photographer on watching keenly from the side-lines
- Neil McIntyre 
The Scottish wildlife specialist talks about inspiration, equipment and more

- Digital Photo professional 4 
Import and sort your Raw images using Canon's DPP4 

- Focusing for close-ups
Get closer and capture the finer details on photos 

- Reading the histogram 
Learn how the graph on your camera can help your exposures 

- Take control of tonal range 
Rein in overexposed highlights and unexposed shadows 

- Getting a photography job 
Discover how to get a salary photography job 

- Maintaining your Canon kit
Discover how to carry out maintenance on your kit 

- Produce accurate colours 
Counteract colour casts and tints caused by different colour temperatures