N-Photo Summer 2019 Issue 101

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Published 1st August

Summer marks the festival season, where quiet countryside fields are transformed into miniature cities for a weekend, and the bucolic peace is shattered as the rock ’n roll is turned up to 11. So this issue we head to the Download festival, where pro music photographer Tracey Welch reveals the key camera settings you’ll need, how to capture the onstage action and moments of festival madness,  and what you’ll need to do to get your hands on a coveted press pass. 

And that’s not all. Also in this month’s N-Photo: 

Most of us like to try our hands at all aspects of photography, but one thing that puts many of us well out of our comfort zones is when it comes to directing models, particularly if they’re in their underwear – or not wearing anything at all! Our Apprentice learns to shoot glamour, fine art nudes and boudoir with confidence under the instruction of professional model Natasha J Bella. 

From Formula One motor racing and the Olympics, to UN relief work and the Goodwood Estate, Jon Nicholson tells how he worked his love of documentary photography into the world of international sports…

Our regular columnists dispense more sage words of wisdom: Paul Wilkinson explains how to develop your own unique style, Tom Mackie reveals how to anticipate light, Joe McNally battles the power of the sun with Speedlights, and Michael Freeman keeps his eyes peeled for subjects that stick out from their surroundings.

Summer is a great time for stargazing, with the Milky Way at its most visible, and with that in mind we round up the eight best Nikon-fit lenses for astrophotography, which combine wide angles with wide apertures to maximize the light reaching the sensor. 

Also in our Gear section, we try out a selection of Speedlight accessory kits, to transform your flashgun into a softbox, snoot or light shaper and more, plus we put the Tokina Opera 16-28mm f/2.8 fast wide zoom through its paces. 

We have a great selection of projects for you to try. We'll help you understand colour temperature and take control of white balance, add a touch of creative blur to images, shoot high- and low-key portraits with subtle changes to your lighting setup, and create 'impossible' shots, with clever shooting and compositing techniques. Plus we bring you photo-editing tutorials in brilliant the low-cost Affinity Photo, as well as Capture NX-D and Adobe CC. 

This issue also comes with a bonus Raw in Photoshop ebook, packed with advice for making good shots great in Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom and Elements.