N-Photo June 2019 Issue 98

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Published 9th May

New-look mag! Spring is well and truly upon us, so we’ve taken the opportunity to give N-Photo a bit of a spring clean. We’ve tweaked the look and feel of the magazine, introduced brilliant new columnists Tom Mackie and Paul Wilkinson, and included a set of collectable tips cards to tuck into your camera bag. 

And that’s not all. Also in this month’s N-Photo: 

We head into the great outdoors for our landscapes lead feature, where seasoned pro Chris Rutter explains everything from planning and prep, through composition, exposure and dealing with whatever the weather may bring, to post-processing your pictures. 

Never work with children and animals, they say. We set out to prove this old adage wrong, as our Apprentice learns to take family portraits in a farmyard setting, making the most of natural light. 

Better-known as ‘George The Explorer’, outdoor wildlife and nature photographer George Turner tells his story in this issue’s interview. 

Super-telephoto zooms – brilliant for getting closer to the action when shooting sports and wildlife – get the Big Test treatment. 

We also get our hands on Nikon’s first super-wide Z-series lens, the stunning 14-30mm f/4 S, and try out half-a-dozen ND grad kits.  

We have a great selection of projects for you to try, from injecting action into still life shots to shooting horizontal and vertical format images with an L-bracket, and we tell you how to cheat at composition and explain what is depth of field?

Over in the digital darkroom, we show you how to remove haze in Adobe CC, improve compositions in Nikon's free Capture NX-D software, and use the fabulous DxO PhotoLap 2 software, with five copies to be won! 

Plus this issue also comes with a bonus Teach Yourself Astrophotography  ebook, packed with inspiration for shooting the sky at night.