N-Photo June 2014 - Issue 33

10 steps to shooting stunning landscapes, wide-angle lenses for full-frame Nikons, a fashion photography masterclass and more
N-Photo June 2014 - Issue 33

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In N-Photo June Issue 33
If your landscape photographs are in need of a boost, pro photographer Dan Ballard’s article on 10 steps to shooting stunning landscapes is just what you need! Meanwhile fashion photographer Bruce Smith gives this issue’s Apprentice a masterclass in photographing models for commercial work, and Richard Young shares photos and stories from 40 years snapping celebrities from Liz Taylor and Richard Burton to Madonna and the Rolling Stones. News photographer John Angerson shows us his best shot, one that captured all the joy and optimism surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall.
As usual, we’ve got eight great tutorials for you, all complete with video. Among them, Siân Lewis will take you through shooting zoom burst images and making and using a beanbag (a wildlife photographer’s essential!), while Rod Lawton reveals the art of taking architectural abstracts. In the digital darkroom, James Paterson demonstrates setting up a customised web gallery in Lightroom, and creating a surreal, leafy portrait in Photoshop. In Nikopedia, we explore metering modes: how they work and when you need each one.
This issue’s Big Test is a roundup of wide-angle lenses for full-frame Nikons. We also compare and rate six strong ND filters, and look at all the latest Nikon-fit kit, including the new, smaller and lighter Nikon 18-300mm superzoom lens.
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