N-Photo February 2019 Issue 94

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Published 17th January 

This is the time of year that we welcome many new Nikonians to the fold, having unwrapped shiny SLR-shaped packages over the festive season, so our lead feature goes back to basics, explaining the essentials of exposure, focusing and metering. But even if you're an experienced snapper, we reckon that even the most seasoned photographers will pick up a thing or two. 

We join our Apprentice for a stroll around the Georgian city of Bath with fine art architectural photographer Ben Brain, who explains how to ‘look beyond the postcard view’ and get original shots of places that have been shot millions of times before. 

With a pair of newfangled mirrorless machines joining the established lineup of full-frame DSLRs, our Big Test helps you discover which is the best full-fat Nikon for your needs. 

We put Sigma’s updated ‘Bigma’ 60-600mm to the test, but the extended telephoto reach isn't the full story, with the standard-to-super-telephoto zoom boasting much improved optical quality over its predecessor.

We speak with wildlife, aviation and landscape photographer Moose Peterson, one of the first pros to fully embrace digital, about his love of nature and shooting everything airborne.

In our skills section, we embrace minimalism by shooting everyday items, show you how to knock up homemade filters from plastic bags, join Nikon school for a macro masterclass, and capture stunning stroboscopic portraits with your Speedlight's 'multi' mode.

Over in the digital darkroom, we explain how to achieve the 'wet plate' look with Serif Affinity Photo to artificially age a photograph, show you an editing workflow that will work for pretty much every landscape image in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC, and batch-process shots for sharing with Nikon's free Capture NX-D software. 

Plus this issue comes with a free wildlife photography ebook, guaranteed to improve your shots of the natural world!