N-Photo February 2014 - Issue 29

Nikon boot camp
N-Photo February 2014 - Issue 29

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In N-Photo February Issue 29
Get photo fit for 2014 with our Nikon boot camp. We give the Nikon Df a thorough testing and discover whether there’s substance beneath its gorgeous retro exterior, plus we compare eight telephoto lenses and six affordable two-head studio lighting set ups.
Jim Brandenburg talks about a career that’s taken him from boyhood hunter to acclaimed professional wildlife photographer, while Joe McNally reveals his favourite shot from his incredible portfolio. You’ll also find masses of inspiration in this issue’s Lightbox, which includes incredible images from 2013’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.
As always, we've got eight enjoyable tutorials, all complete with video, for you to try. This issue you can learn how your Nikon’s Monochrome picture control can help you compose more effective black-and-white images, try different effects on an image without altering the original file using Capture NX2’s Versions function, use your flash to effectively set the shutter speed for a shot and so freeze a dancer in action, pop a coloured gel on your flash to get the right White Balance in artificial light, and learn other important Nikon skills.
This month’s Nikopedia is all about ISO, so if you’ve ever wondered how it interacts with shutter speed and aperture, or why your shots are looking noisy, we’ll make everything clear.
All this, plus fantastic reader stories, your letters, the latest Nikon-fit kit and more more.