N-Photo December 13

Nikon's new stars
N-Photo December 13

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In N-Photo December Issue 27
You wait ages for a new Nikon D-SLR and then three come along at once – we’ve got a full review of the D610, which replaces the D600, a preview of Nikon’s retro-styled Df, and a preview plus hands-on video footage of the Wi-Fi enabled D5300. 
Other hardware being reviewed includes roundups of tripod legs and battery-powered studio lights for outdoor shoots, plus a full test of Nikon’s new DX-format 18-140mm kit lens and a first look at the Nikon 58mm f/1.4G – a lens that’ll be welcomed by anyone who finds a secondhand Noct-Nikkor too costly for their budget.
Wildlife specialist Richard Peters takes this issue’s Apprentice on a cruelty-free deer shoot in Richmond Park, and lifestyle pro Kate Hopewell-Smith reveals the secret of her rapid, well-deserved success and shares some of her best boudoir, wedding and portrait shots. For My Best Shot, we look at Eddie Adams’ iconic image that captured the horror and violence of the Vietnam War.
This month, our eight tutorials, all complete with video, include how to get your ISO setting right in low light conditions, setting up the U1 and U2 modes on Nikons that have them so you can change settings at the flick of a dial, using Lightroom’s Virtual Copies to work on multiple copies of an image without clogging up your hard drive, and giving a photo a stylish watercolour effect (perfect if you like to produce your own Christmas cards).
All this, plus the latest inspirational images from Nikon-using photographers around the world, fascinating reader stories, your letters and much, much more.