N-Photo April 2019 Issue 96

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Published 14th March 

Photography is all about capturing light, but what do you do when there isn’t enough of it – or it’s not falling in the right place? Make your  own, of course! So this issue we present our guide to flash – from using the pop-up unit atop many Nikons, though dedicated Speedlights, multi-flash setups and advanced tricks. 

And that’s not all. Also in this month’s N-Photo: 

By the time this issue hits the shelves the Six Nations will almost be at its climax – and with 2019 being a Rugby World Cup year, our Apprentice learns to shoot a top Premiership clash. 

In the interview hot seat, globetrotting wildlife pro Tom Mason talks jaguars, bears and penguins – and why he'll never part with his beloved Nikon 300mm f/2.8…

Memory cards come with a bewildering array of specs and price tags, so we cut through the jargon to determine the price vs performance sweet spot of SD, CF and XQD cards. 

We try Nikon’s Z 50mm f/1.8 S for its mirrorless cameras and discover that it sets a new standard for a standard prime. We also put street-smart camera backpacks to the test for carrying your beloved kit safely and unobtrusively…

In our skills section, show you how to take safari-like shots of big cats, explain what a histogram is and how to read it, join Nikon School to learn how to take low-light portraits on the streets of London after dark, and get creative by photographing paint 'dancing' to music.

Over in the digital darkroom, we explain how to retouch portraits for a flattering but natural look in Adobe CC, create striking silhouettes with Nikon's free Capture NX-D software, and show you how to use the fantastic Filter Forge software to instantly transform photos into artworks – and which we're giving away free with this issue!

Plus this issue also comes with a bonus The Nikon Camera Book ebook, with 180 packed pages on everything from the best-buy lenses and accessories to getting to grips with your Nikon’s functions and features, plus photo-editing tutorials and advanced tricks and tips.