Master Your Canon D-SLR Camera DVD

The ultimate beginner's guide to getting to grips with your Canon digital SLR camera
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Master your Canon D-SLR camera is a new beginner course of 40 jargon-free video lessons to help you get to grips with your new digital SLR.
Ideal for those who are using an SLR camera for the first time, or after a long break, this video course shows you what all the key controls do, and takes you through all the important menu options. At the end of it you’ll be more confident and more knowledgeable about your camera.
Expert presenter Claire Gillo guides you through the options, buttons and controls over a series of 40 short no-nonsense video lessons.
Unlike other guides, this is aimed specifically at Canon EOS and Canon Rebel owners – so that the guides are tailored specifically to the controls found on what is the world's most popular make of digital SLR.
Please note that this product is for complete beginners and therefore not suited to photographers who have mastered the basics.
1. Camera Basics
(a) Getting to grips with your D-SLR
(b) What controls do what
(c) Start taking control
(d) Menu basics
(e) Final setup
2.  Getting started
(a) Grip it right!
(b) Composing a shot 
(c) Using the viewfinder
(d) Quick control
(e) The shutter button 
3. Exposure modes – the basics
(a) Fully automatic and scene modes
(b) turn the dial to P for Program
(c) Shutter-priority mode  
(d) Aperture-priority mode 
(e) Take complete control
4. Focusing and lenses
(a) Guide to lenses 
(b) Full frame and APS-C
(c) Autofocus control
(d) Select the focus point manually 
(e) Focus spot on! 
5.Live View and image review
(a) Live View mode
(b) Live View in action
(c) Shoot and review
(d) Check for sharpness
(e) What is a histogram? 
6. D-SLR settings
(a) Alter the exposure compensation
(b) Understand metering
(c) Capture the crucial shot!
(d) Capture perfect colors
(e) Add a picture style
7. Extra settings and features
(a) Make moving pictures
(b) Open the shutter with B
(c) Pop some light in!
(d) Shoot three in one with bracketing
(e) Your SLR's pop-up flash explained  
8. Advanced options
(a) The Auto Lighting Optimizer feature 
(b) Update the firmware
(c) HDR and other new options 
(d) My Menu
(e) Customize your Canon
*DVD-ROM works on Windows PCs and Macs