Make Cash With Your Camera (4th Edition)

Make Cash With Your Camera (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Make Cash With Your Camera (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Make Cash With Your Camera (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Make Cash With Your Camera (4th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Published 30th January 2020

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Make Cash with your Camera is a guide for photographers wanting to turn their passion for the craft into an income, whether that be supplementary or a move to full-time professional photography. To inspire you and celebrate the industry’s best, we’ve dedicated the first few pages of this book to hearing about the big breaks today’s leading professionals experienced. One message shines through: success doesn’t come easily – it’s a long journey of hard graft for those at the top of their game. There are more people studying photography than ever before, according to UCAs: this is the future of professional photography in the making. So we have dedicated a section to training, detailing the many routes into the industry, from accreditation to full-time education at a university. But if you are ready to take the plunge and make photography your full-time trade, then turn to our business and marketing sections, where we have outlined the benefits of some key components in setting up and running a small business. By the end of the book you’ll hopefully find yourself in better a position to enter the competitive but rewarding world of making cash with your camera.

Inside you'll find:

My Big Break
The biggest names in the industry reveal the moments and photographs that marked a turning point in their careers:

- Getting Started
- Stock libraries
- Selling prints 
- Part time portraits 
- Online portfolio 
- Local business 
- Part time weddings 
- Full time weddings 
- Events 
- Portrait studio 
- Going full time 
- Getting a job 
- Competitions 
- Business
- Insurance for pros 
- Website building 
- Bookkeeping 
- Marketing
- Marketing videos 
- Blogging 
- Facebook 
- Pinterest 
- SnapChat 
- PR 
- Instagram 
- Mail-out marketing 

There are many training routes into professional. Here, we introduce you to the best:

- University 
- Accreditation 
- Short course 
- High-end workshop 
- Online course 
- Assisting 
- The education debate 
- Storage devices 
- Large format printers 
- Is rental mental? 
- Studio lighting guide

Page count: 196