GoPro: The Complete Manual (6th Edition)

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Published 1st February

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What started as a venture seeking unique ways of attaching cameras to surf boards has spiralled into a worldwide phenomenon. Get involved and capture all your adventures with the help of GoPro The Complete Manual; choose your model and accessories, navigate the modes and settings, shoot your favourite subjects and perfect your final footage. There should be nothing stopping you from using GoPro to record all your activities.

Introducing GoPro
- Select your model and choose the mounts and accessories that’ll suit your purpose.

Getting started
- Set up your GoPro before heading out to master the essential modes and functions.

Using your GoPro
- Get the know-how to help you film or photograph your sport or subject perfectly.

Going further
- Refine your footage and perfect your stills before sharing with others.

Also inside...
- Camera guides
- GoPro mounts & harnesses
- Batteries & chargers
- Lenses & filters
- Cases & doors
- Storage devices
- Cables

Free with this bookazine...
- Online resources to help you capture and perfect your GoPro footage and stills, including video tutorials, tutorial files and Photoshop assets.