Digital Camera - Print NOVEMBER 201 3

Dramatic landscapes, photoshop tutorials, Canon's 70D and interview with Benedicte Kurzen
Digital Camera - Print NOVEMBER 201 3

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In Digital Camera Magazine November Issue 144:

In our latest issue, learn to take photos of dramatic landscapes as we show you how to add mood and atmosphere, whatever the weather!

Also: photography tips and Photoshop tutorials, including focusing basics, replacing skies using channels and achieving optimum depth of field with hyperfocal distance.

New gear on test includes Canon's 70D and the best cameras for bridging the gap between compacts and SLRs, and our inspiring images and profiles include interviews with photojournalist Benedicte Kurzen and breathtaking rooftop photographer Ivan Kuznetsov.

Plus: nine videos to watch on demand, four wallet-size tips cards for on-the-road advice, and a complete Photo Rescue bonus magazine!