Digital Camera April 2020 Issue 227

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Published 6th March

Master raw today! Get the inside track on shooting and editing your camera's most effective and versatile file format, with the help of James Paterson. Plus: everything you ever wanted to know about image stabilisation, photographic narrative with Alex Soth, how to shoot a classic headshot, Liam Wong's Tokyo vision, a reader challenge in a London street market, and an interview with Hollywood legend and photographer Jeff Bridges.

On test this issue: standard zooms for mirrorless cameras, Nikon D780, Canon EOS-1D X Mk III, Sony 16-5mm f/2.8 G lens, editing apps, photo books.

Plus our popular regulars, including fresh creative photography ideas in Photo Active and expert image editing skills in Practical Photoshop.

This issue comes with: a video disc with 71 minutes of Photoshop, Lightroom and hands-on training; a 190-page Buyer's Guide ebook on the disc; 20 raw presets for Photoshop on the disc; and nine shooting tips cards for your kit bag.