Canon DVD Collection

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Get 2 Canon photography DVDs for only £25
What you'll get:
Master Your Canon D-SLR Camera DVD
Master your Canon D-SLR camera is a new beginner course of 40 jargon-free video lessons to help you get to grips with your new digital SLR.
Ideal for those who are using an SLR camera for the first time, or after a long break, this video course shows you what all the key controls do, and takes you through all the important menu options. At the end of it you’ll be more confident and more knowledgeable about your camera.
Expert presenter Claire Gillo guides you through the options, buttons and controls over a series of 40 short no-nonsense video lessons.
Canon Creative SLR Skills DVD
You'll learn how to use your Canon digital SLR camera through 30 easy-to-follow videos with step-by-step advice to all the core skills and techniques you'll want to master, all explained by our expert presenters.