Canon Beginner's Handbook (2nd Edition)

Canon Beginner's Handbook (2nd Edition)
Includes Shipping
Canon Beginner's Handbook (2nd Edition)
Includes Shipping
Canon Beginner's Handbook (2nd Edition)
Includes Shipping
Canon Beginner's Handbook (2nd Edition)
Includes Shipping
Published 25th January

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Your guide to getting started with your Canon SLR camera, with all the settings and techniques you need! You’ll learn how to set up your new camera; how to master exposure modes; how to focus properly; and much more. Also inside: SLR College, a special section explaining the most important jargon and technologies involved with this fantastic creative hobby. This 228-page magazine comes with 10 video lessons.

Inside you'll find:
- Set up your new SLR10 Get your camera ready to shoot
- An overview of your camera’s controls
- Start taking control of your camera
- Discover how to navigate the settings menus
- Set the in-camera file options
- Learn essential camera techniques
- How to hold your camera
- Introducing the viewfinder and Live View mode
- Adjust camera settings quickly
- Exposure modes explained
- Fully automatic and scene modes
- Program mode explained
- Shutter-priority mode
- Aperture-priority mode
- Manual mode explained
- Focusing & lenses
- Your guide to camera lenses
- Sensor size matters
- Autofocus mode
- Select the focus point manually
- Choose the focus mode
- Live View & image review
- Introducing Live View mode
- Shoot and review your images
- Check the sharpness of your images
- Check exposure using the histogram
- manual mode made easy
- Exposure compensation
- Metering modes
- Drive modes
- White balance
- ISO sensitivity
- Advanced SLR features
- Shoot video on your Canon DSLR
- Improve your images with Picture Styles
- Take better photos with fill-in flash
- Bracket your exposures
- Capture long exposures
- The Auto Lighting Optimizer
- Update your D-SLR’s firmware
- Wi-Fi, GPS and HDR
- Customise your camera
- Custom Functions
- SLR college154 Focal length
- Focusing
- Depth of field
- Aperture
- Shutter speeds
- Exposure modes
- Metering modes
- White balance
- Digital processing
- Flash
- ISO speeds
- File formats and memory cards
- Histograms
- Video
- Battery power
- Custom functions
- Live view