Camera Shopper 20

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Published 10th August 2017

Camera Shopper is the independent guide to buying the best cameras, lenses and accessories. Discover 130+ expert reviews, including full-frame cameras, budget telephoto zooms and how to choose between SLRs and CSCs. Camera tests include Fujifilm’s GFX 50S, Canon’s 800D and EOS 6D; Nikon’s D5600 and 7200; and models from Leica, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma and Sony. 

Full-frame Cameras
- Take a look at the best buys for anyone ready to step up to a full-frame camera

9 Things you should know about using prime lenses
- Discover specialist lenses, their different functions, and which one is best for you

Also inside... 
- Trusted tests
- CSC vs SLR
- Canon 800D
- Nikon D500 vs Canon EOS 7D Mark II
- Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D750

- & much, much more!

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