A Complete Guide to Your Camera

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A Complete Guide to Your Camera

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Discover the easy way to master your digital camera with these simple-to-follow tutorials from the world’s leading photo experts.

A Complete Guide To Your Camera will help you quickly take control of your SLR and stop making beginner mistakes. Learn these essential techniques, and you will never waste a shot again!

Features included in the following chapters:

Chapter One - Essential Techniques

Master your new SLR in 10 easy steps
10 rules for perfect composition
Shoot it in RAW
How to shoot sharper shots

Chapter Two - Back to Basics

White balance explained
How to use metering modes
How to use histogram
When it is best to use A and S modes

Chapter Three - Instant Expert

The secrets of rainy-day scenics
How to shoot better portraits
First steps in studio photography
Master zoo photography

Chapter Four - Choosing and Using Your Gear

5 things to know before buying an SLR
Choosing and using lenses
How to use your tripod
Enhance your SLR's metadata

Plus much more!.......



Published: January 2013

Pages: 164

Dimensions:  232mm x 300mm