Digital Photographer Annual 2019

Digital Photographer Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
Digital Photographer Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
Digital Photographer Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
Digital Photographer Annual 2019
Includes Shipping
Published 15th November 2018

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With the soaring accessibility of image-sharing platforms, the popularity of digital photography shows no sign of waning. We all want to see the awe-inspiring sights, treasured memories and stunning compositions of our family and friends. But whether you are a grass roots amateur, an aspiring expert or even a paid professional, there are always new tricks to be learned. Digital Photographer Annual collates all of the best advice for newbies and veterans looking to realise their creative ambitions. Start by discovering shooting secrets from top pros, before finding inspiration from seasoned professionals who specialise in fields varying from wildlife to travel. Next, our in-depth guides tackle techniques – perfect your portraiture with key posing advice, get to grips with music photography, capture stunning black and white imagery, learn to identify patterns and shapes in the environment, and more. Follow our step-by-step shooting and editing tutorials and find out how to take your best imagery yet. Lastly, learn how to overcome the competition with insightful career advice that illuminates alternative avenues for growing your profile as a professional photographer. 

Inside you'll find:
- An urban twist 
- Life through a lens 
- Written with light 
- Street wise 
- Master music photography 
- The art of posing for portraits 
- Discover the secrets of black and white
- Patterns in the environment
- The essential guide to artistic nudes
- Turn rock into art 
- Take home studio beauty portraits 
- Capture motion in a scene 
- 10 steps to profitable photo workshops 
- Become a brand ambassador 
- Kick-start your photography business 
- Quality control your image library 
- Discover what it takes to produce professional imagery
- 10 pro photo secrets
- Access free video tutorials and editing assets on FileSilo

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