The Nikon Camera Book (9th Edition)

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Published 16th January 2018

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Photography is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and with Nikon leading the way in terms of technology and innovation, it’s no wonder that its cameras are trusted by so many photographers. The Nikon Camera Book is the ultimate guide to getting the most from your Nikon, and in this new edition, we will show you everything you need to know about your model.

Inside you'll find:
Your Nikon Camera
- Learn more about your camera and which one to use as we get to grips with the newest, top-selling models

Guide to Nikon lenses

- Our guide to the best lenses for your Nikon, their uses, and which one fits your budget

Essential Kit for Nikon

- Must-have gadgets to enhance your shots

Guide to Nikon modes

- Explore the Nikon mode dial

A guide to your Nikon camera

- Learn more about your camera with our handy guide

One light portraits

- Create portraits that capture your model

Coastal landscapes

- Capture the irresistible magic of nature

Discover the secrets of low light & long exposure

- Take creative images in the dark

Shoot sharper action

- Perfect sport and action photography

Vital kit tricks for macro

- Discover the tools you need in your kitbag to capture dynamic images of small subjects

Upgrade your black and white shots

- Get the best black & white images

Discover the art of still life

- Get to grips with the perfect self-expression

- Composing images with your Nikon camera Composition rules and how to apply them

- Stay sharp Lean more about focusing your Nikon
- Metering with Nikon The principals and application of metering
- Using flash Get the hang of this tricky technique
- A guide to filters for landscapes
- Enhance your Nikon’s creativity with filters'
- The essential guide to editing Use Photoshop to transform your Nikon images
- Photoshop fundamentals
- Improve your Nikon’s photos in 5 minutes
- Nikon Capture NX-D A guide to using Nikon’s editing software