Teach Yourself Raw in Photoshop (3rd Edition)

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Published 17th May 2018

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Get the best out of your raw images in Photoshop CS, CC, Elements and Lightroom. Become a master of Adobe Camera Raw with our comprehensive guides using all the recent versions of Photoshop.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an enthusiast looking to polish your image-editing skills, our step-by-step workshops will help you get the best images possible from your camera.

Inside you'll find:
- Organise with Bridge
- Introducing the Bridge workspace
- Import your photos into Bridge
- Add metadata and keywords to your images
- Organise your images in Bridge
- Introducing the Camera Raw editor
- Raw versus JPEG: which is the better format?
- Introducing the Camera Raw panels
- Introducing the Camera Raw toolbar
- Master preferences and workflow settings
- A typical Camera Raw workflow
- Camera Raw basic editing
- Introducing the Magnifier and Grab tools
- Use the Histogram to assess exposure
- Batch process your raw files
- Improve colour and tone locally
- Resize and save your processed raw files
- Fix photo problems
- Improve the tonal quality of your photos
- Improve image colours with the Basic panel
- Remove unwanted spots and marks
- Essential corrections
- Reduce unsightly image noise
- Correct lens distortion and vignetting
- Correct perspectival distortion
- Re-create in-camera picture styles
- Sharpen up your images
- Improve tones
- Adjust highlights and shadows
- Improve tones with curves
- Dodge and burn with the Adjustment Brush
- Reproduce the solarisation effect
- Improve colour
- Create spot-colour special effects
- Selectively adjust colour saturation
- Enhance colours in portraits
- Re-create the cross-processed look
- Selective adjustments
- The Adjustment Brush tool
- Enhance plain-looking skies
- Mask areas for selective edits
- Make selective white balance adjustments
- Focus attention on your subject
- Convert your photos to black and white
- Apply the split-tone effect to your mono images
- Reveal fine detail using Clarity
- Create high dynamic range images
- Create a landscape panorama
- Creative effects
- Create retro special effects
- Make stunning portraits using Camera Raw
- Turn a daytime scene into a night photo
- Master tonality in your monochromes
- Multi-process your raw files
- Advanced tips & tricks
- Share your processed raw files
- Process JPEGs in Camera Raw
- Open a raw file as a Smart Object
- Save time with custom raw presets
- Correct distortions with a lens profile
- The secrets of Camera Raw
- Harness the power of Raw'
- Five essential fixes for Raw users'

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