Sports & Action Photography

Sports & Action Photography
Sports & Action Photography

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Sports & Action Photography Made Easy is a bumper 228-page guide to taking better shots of anything that moves! From athletics to airshows, football to Formula 1, surfing to steam trains, taking great shots of speedy subjects presents the photographer with host of new challenges – you’ve really got to keep focused (quite literally) to get great action shots, as you’ll rarely get a second chance. So we’re here to make sure you don’t miss those not-to-be-missed photo opportunities! 

We kick off with the basics; lessons on the techniques you’ll need to employ to capture the action as it unfolds. You’ll learn the best focusing methods for pin-sharp shots, optimum shutter speeds to best capture a variety of sports, and when it’s best to freeze the action or deliberately blur it to convey the best sense of motion.

Next, join our Apprentice photographers as they get shown the ropes by seasoned pros – you’ll be amazed at the methods that different sports demand to best capture the action. Our Masterclass section challenges you with practical projects to capture a series of sporting scenes, from setting up the shots to post-processing. And we have a series of Photoshop tutorials to eke the very best out of each and every image once back home. 

Finally, we test top kit for sports photography, from rapid-fi re D-SLRs to telephoto lenses and monopods.

Published: May 2012

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 300 x 232