FourFourTwo August 2018

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Published 3rd July

The trick when putting together a FourFourTwo cover story is to try to predict who and what you, the reader, will want to know about roughly three months down the line. Obviously this is easier said than done, with the myriad problems that can derail a cover story in that time. This is doubly difficult when the issue in question is set to come out midway through a World Cup – like this one.

Not only do we not know how England will be getting on as we come out, the World Cup has a way of putting all transfer activity on hold until Florentino Perez buys the tournament’s star player and the dust settles on all subsequent transfer activity. So we can’t even look past the goings-on in Russia until next month. Luckily – and not for the first time – David Beckham has come to the rescue...