FourFourTwo December 2018

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Published 7th November

Even for FFT, flying to Los Angeles to interview Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a pretty big deal. For staff writer Chris Flanagan, this epic encounter came a few days after a draining 18-hour round trip to the Scottish Highlands to watch Britain’s worst team, Fort William. So it probably makes sense for him to tell you about this month’s issue and his week of two halves…

"Chris, what was it like coming face to face with Zlatan?"
Entertaining. He was unleashing classic Zlatanisms even before the interview began, and his eyes lit up when I said I was from near Manchester. “Red or blue?” he asked, ready to make a quip. He was disappointed when I said Bolton.

"How did LA and Fort William compare?"
I went straight to the airport after returning from Scotland, and I’ve learned a lesson: never visit the Highlands with clothes only for California. Fort William was freezing!

"What did you discuss with Zlatan?"
Fish and chips, lions and robots taking over the world – thankfully he didn’t look at me like I was a madman.

Finally, with Christmas coming, why not give the gift of Zlatan and FFT this season. It’s what Ibra would want!