Total Guitar January 2019 Issue 314

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Published 21st December

30 Lessons: play better faster with Total Guitar’s easy tips and tutorials. Improve your rhythm and lead, get more from your practice time and master the guitar’s most essential techniques.

Tabbed: Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well, Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls and Freddie Mercury’s classic strummer… Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Full audio and backing tracks on your included Guitar Skills CD. 

As ever, our features section is full to bursting with artist interviews to inspire you, including Architects, Marcus King and John Butler.

Reviewed: High-gain distortion pedal round up featuring the Boss MT-2W, Amptweaker TightMetal JR, Wampler Dracarys and Fender Full Moon Distortion. TG tests single-pickup electrics from LTD, Godin, EVH and Gordon Smith. We’ve also got our hands on Line 6’s Helix-derived HX Stomp. 

Plus: Fix your guitar! Tame Fender’s Jaguar and Jazzmaster bridges with TG’s setup tips.