The Guitarist Guide to Amps

Everything you will need to know about Guitar amps, from practice combos to arena-slaying stacks!
The Guitarist Guide to Amps

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Where would electric guitarists be without amplifiers? Playing awfully quietly for a start.

Electric guitar models such as the Stratocaster, Les Paul, Telecaster, JEM, Custom 22, Flying V et al are undoubtedly the more glamorous half of the rock ’n’ roll guitar equation, but without amplifiers they’d be pretty useless. And amplifiers are now at high stages of evolution. It’s arguable that the “basic” electric guitar – wood, wire and pickups – hasn’t fundamentally changed in decades, but that’s not true for amplifiers.

The amp industry is brimming with innovation and technology, meaning electric guitarists have more tones at their disposal than ever before. You’ll find all amp types in the Guitarist Guide To Amps, from small practice combos to arena-slaying stacks and everything in between. But we know it can be a confusing arena – most players pay more attention to their guitar than what they plug it into. But with the Guitarist Guide To Amps, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the fi nesse of that “box” you plug into.

Features Include:

  • Combos versus stacks.
  • Volume tests - What makes an amp loud?
  • Amp trivia and more!

Published: April 2014

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm

Pages:  128