Legends of Tone: Fender (2nd Edition)

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Learn more about the history of Fender from the world’s top guitar historians and take an in-depth look at the key moments in the company’s story. Find out how Fender’s most important instruments were developed, and get up close with some of the rarest instruments ever to sport the Fender logo.

The definitive guide to the guitars that made Fender great

Electric innovator
- The guitar that changed everything

The Telecaster
- Economical and revolutionary, it became the first mass-produced solid body electric guitar

The Stratocaster
- Leo Fender pulled out all the stops for his difficult second model

The Golden Era
- Fender’s success in the Sixties was nothing short of staggering

- Also inside...
- 1950 Broadcaster
- 1951 Nocaster
- Wilko Johnson’s ’62 Telecaster
- Rory Gallagher’s Esquire & Telecaster
- Milestone Stratocasters
- Travelling back to 1954
- Origin of the Species
- Jimi Hendrix’s Black Strat
- David Gilmour’s Black Strat
- The Birth of the Jazzmaster and Jaguar
- Thurston Moore’s Jazzmaster
- Kurt Cobain’s Jaguar
- Johnny Marr’s Jaguar
- Fender Basses
- Nile Rodgers’ ‘Hitmaker’
- 1962 Fender Strat
- 1963 Fender Strat
- The CBS Era
- American Beauty
- La Cabronita
- Building the Dream
- Relics and Reissues