Home Studio Handbook: Beginners to Experts Bundle

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The Home Studio:  Beginners to Experts Bundle

Want to record music at home? These comprehensive guides from the makers of Future Music, Computer Music and Guitarist Magazine bring you the ultimate home studio handbook bundle!
Start your journey with the Home Studio Handbook: Beginner Edition to get you up to speed with the fast-moving world of music making at home. We show you the gear you'll need, how to set it up and teach you the basics of music production whether it's recording your band or making a whole track on your laptop. 
  • Set up your home studio.
  • Record guitars, bass, drums & vocals.
  • Write catchy songs.
  • Buy affordable gear.

  • Plus...

  • Learn to mix and master.
  • Get your music heard.
Mastered the basics? Move on to Home Studio Handbook: Expert Edition to take your music production to the next level. Power up your studio with the latest kit and software then discover how to produce release-ready music, whether it's recording your band or making a whole track on your laptop. Just starting out? 
  • Record better guitars, drums, bass & vocals.
  • Upgrade your home studio.
  • Buy the best gear.
  • Polish your mixes.
  • FREE Audio downloads with our expert tutorials
Get both of these guides (individually priced at £9.99 each) for £16- giving you a saving of 20%

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