Guitarist's Legends of Tone: Fender (4th Edition)

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Published 16th November 2017

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A celebration of the contribution that Fender’s electric guitars have made to musicians and musical culture over the years since the company’s first six-strings left the factory at the beginning of the 1950s. Since then, of course, this once-tiny musical instrument company in Fullerton, California has developed into an international corporation and a household name. Its guitars have powered the rockstar dreams of teenagers old and young with a succession of pioneering models, together with endless variations on the blueprints created by its visionary founder.

We’ll be learning more about the history of Fender from the world’s top guitar historians and taking an in-depth look at the key moments in the company’s story as they unfold. We’ll find out how Fender’s most important instruments were developed, and get up close and personal with some of the rarest and most valuable instruments ever to sport that famous spaghetti logo. We also speak to some famous players indelibly linked with their iconic guitars, name some of the greatest Fender tones of all time, and we’ll also be offering a few tips on how to squeeze the most from the tone of your own guitar, too. Of course, we all know electric guitars are only one half of rock ’n’ roll, but alas, we don’t have the space here to delve into the equally illustrious heritage of Fender’s amplifiers, or its acoustics.

Instead, let’s tune up our electrics and begin at the beginning, back in 1950s USA…