Guitarist Summer 2014 Issue 384

A Guitar Lesson With Joe Bonamassa

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In Guitarist Summer 14 Issue 384:
It's not every day you can have a private guitar lesson with a hero of blues-rock guitar, but this issue of Guitarist offers you just that - as we sit down with Joe Bonamassa, one of the world's hottest guitarists – who shows you how to play fireball-hot blues licks from his own repertoire of secret techniques.
Elsewhere in this feature-packed issue, we interview jazz virtuoso Martin Taylor and teach you how to play spellbinding chord-melody chops in his style and take a look at Whitesnake legend Bernie Marsden's vintage guitar collection. 
With reviews of legendary US brand Magnatone's new amps, Music Man's Axis Super Sport Semi Hollow Body electric, Z.Vex pedals and much more, it's a blockbuster issue of guitar goodness.