Guitarist September 2018 Issue 437

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Published 24th August

Martin acoustic guitars are among the most revered stringed instruments in the world. In this special issue, we explore some of the finest guitars the company has built in a century and more of guitar making – from the very first D-28 built by the company, to the collector's Holy Grail of a pre-war D-45 dreadnought. We get up close with these legendary instruments, documenting them with stunning reference-grade photography to tell the full story of this legendary name in acoustic guitar. Also in this packed edition is an interview with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, whose new touring band, Saucerful of Secrets, is bringing Syd Barrett-era tracks to the stage again. We get the lowdown on the early Floyd guitar sounds they've recreated – plus there's an exclusive review of the stunning new  Gretsch Players Edition Jets, which look to be very serious rivals to the Les Paul's crown, with girthy tone in a retro-style package.