Guitarist May 2019 Issue 445

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Published 5th April

This month we pay homage to 70 years of the Telecaster, Fender's timeless, tone-packed electric. We tell the story of this classic guitar's design from 1949 prototypes to the present day, with stunning photography of Holy Grail vintage Teles throughout, from 1950 Broadcasters and '52 Teles to prototype Double Esquires from 1950, 1968 Paisley Telecasters and many more. The stunning imagery is supported by in-depth tech insights from Fender's Custom Shop and dozens of seasoned vintage guitar experts. To bring this fascinating story bang up to date, this issue also includes an authoritative review of Fender's new Acoustasonic Telecaster - an acoustic / electric hybrid that shows off the endless adaptability of Leo Fender's original Tele design. Elsewhere in this rich issue, we pay tribute to the spellbinding acoustic guitar of folk-fingerstyle master John Renbourn, teach you how to master the jazz-blues style of Kenny Burrell and review the new Marshall Studio series of 20-watt amps that deliver the tone of Plexis and JCM800s at club-gig volumes.