Guitarist July 14 Issue 382

We've gone stompbox-crazy this issue, with our 17-page pedalboard special on every aspect of 'board design, from cabling to power supply options, which will put a tidal wave of effects-tone at your disposal
Guitarist July 14 Issue 382

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In Guitarist July 14 Issue 382:
Learn how to wring maximum tone from your pedals, with our guide to creating the perfect pedalboard. Ever wondered in what order to put pedals in your signal chain? Or struggled to work out what's sapping tone in your effects rig? Look no further than our 17-page pedalboard special, which will put a tidal wave of tone at your disposal. 
This issue also features interviews with Jazzmaster-toting sonic innovator Nels Cline and Leo Nocentelli of legendary funk act The Meters, plus reviews of 21 new effects, Marshall's new period-correct Handwired Bluesbreaker and more.