Guitarist December 13

A look at how the Fender Cabronita has developed and bloomed, interviews with Darrel Higham and Imelda May plus much more.
Guitarist December 13

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In Guitarist December Issue 375:

The Fender Cabronita was launched in 2009 and has captured imaginations ever since. With models now ranging from around £300 to well over £3k, we look at how the curious Cab has developed and bloomed.

PLUS: Kemper PowerHead, Nik Huber Rietbergen, Vox G2 series Night Train amps, Taylor mahogany topped acoustics, Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 and more.

Artist interviews include Darrel Higham and Imelda May, Mick Ralphs and Buddy Guy. Neville Marten unveils his first video blues lesson, and we venture deep into Memphis to see how Gibson builds ES-335-style semi-acoustics. All this and more, packed with audio and video!