Guitar Techniques November 13

A look at chord progression, The Beatles' Twist and Shout tabbed and play 5 fabulous Clapton licks
Guitar Techniques November 13

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 In Guitar Techniques November Issue 223:

We examine how music actually works, by looking at chord progression as they relate to modes in every key, then see how to play great solos over them.

The Beatles' Twist & Shout is tabbed with full backing tracks; and for solo acoustic we have Dvorjak's Largo from the New World Symphony and the spiritual, Motherless Child.

Also: play 5 fabulous Clapton licks from Cream's 2005 reunion; get into the styles of Kenny Burrell, Steve Lukather, Judas Priest, Tim McGraw & Marillion: plus, learn to play in 6ths, 30-Minute Lickbag, Theory Q&A , A-Z of Music Theory ( this month N) - and loads more!