Computer Music Specials Issue 64

Perfect your tracks with the final full stop, Mastering.
Computer Music Specials Issue 64

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In Computer Music Specials Issue 64:

Prep your tracks for greatness with the CM Special Guide to Mastering. Mastering marks the final ‘full stop’ to your music making and this Special mag delivers everything you need to make your tracks louder, harder, bigger and better! We show you how to prep your track for mastering, introduce you to the science of compression and limiting and garner expert advice from pros at the top of their game.

Learn how to do it yourself using affordable tools at home – even those already built into your DAW – or take the pro route and discover what a pro, paid for mastering session can do for your music.

From talking your first steps or looking to give your music a final touch of class then this Computer Music Special is for you. And don’t miss the example-laden download with the digital edition, packed with audio that let you hear the difference for yourself.