Computer Music April 14 Issue 202

Get a grip on dynamics!
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In Computer Music April Issue 202:

  • GET A GRIP ON DYNAMICS: Take the confusion out of compression – get pro punch and power with our easy guide! + VIDEO
  • FREE Enzyme CM synth plugin 
  • Over TWO HOURS of video, including Dubba Jonny in the studio! 
  • How to Release a Track 
  • Sonar X3 guide + VIDEO 
  • Creative Repetition + VIDEO 
  • Easy Guide: Augmented/Diminished Chords + VIDEO 
  • Eelke Kleijn interviewed 
  • 1300+ samples to download 
  • Tone2 Nemesis REVIEWED + Steinberg VST Connect Pro, Cableguys FilterShaper 3 and 21 more