Bass Guitar March 2019 Issue 166

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Published 5th February

We’ve got two bass players on our cover this month: Johny Chow of Stone Sour and Chris Childs of Thunder, who come together for a monster bass summit. Flip the pages and you’ll find we’ve also spent time with the Colombian genius Snow Owl, original Alice Cooper Band bassist Dennis Dunaway and the slapping sensation Wojtek Pilichowski. Elsewhere we explore the frontiers of sound with Son Of Sam bassist Joe Sam, Jenny Lane of Rock Goddess and the Ohio bass duo Bridesmaid – and then there’s the small matter of our sit-downs with two all-time stars, Geddy Lee and Billy Sheehan. Gear-wise, we review amazing products for all pockets, from a bass case costing £105 to a Lightwave bass that will set you back “only” £1350.

As always, our stated mission is to make you the best bass player you can be, and we’re lucky to have world-class lessons from Stu Hamm, Steve Lawson, Phil Mann and Stu Clayton, as well as tips and advice from Nik Preston, Ruth Goller, Daniel Firth, Michael McKeegan and Dave Swift. These people know what they’re talking about when it comes to bass... Enjoy!