Bass Guitar June 2019 Issue 169

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Published 2nd April

Fifty years after The Who released the epoch-shaking Tommy album, Bass Guitar magazine salutes the genre-shaping bass pioneer John Entwistle, the king of fast, melodic and loud. Other low-frequency stalwarts on our roster this month range from stage and session veterans Yolanda Charles and Neil Murray, via stadium-fillers Derek Frank (Gwen Stefani) and Matt Willis (Busted), to the only former police officer to do the splits at the Grammys: Jonny Goood of Lady Gaga’s band.

Looking for killer gear reviews? We’ve tested kit to suit all pockets, from a £159 effects unit and a £169 Eastcoast bass all the way up to Yamaha and Strandberg instruments costing almost 20 times more. And if you want to improve as a player, say hello to our bass teaching dream-team of Stu Hamm, Joe Hubbard, Steve Lawson, Phil Mann and Stuart Clayton.