Bass Guitar April 2019 Issue 167

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Published 5th March

Bass players are purposeful pioneers of sound. Do bass frequencies need to come from a bass guitar? Do bass guitars need to emit low frequencies? These are vital questions, and this issue’s cover star Tal Wilkenfeld perfectly demonstrates how the answers create new possibilities; she’s talented, driven, and has a keen understanding of what bass means. 
This issue also salutes the bass greats who made all this possible: veterans like Guy Pratt, Nick Beggs and Jens Ritter. In our reviews, we road-test the retro Danelectro 64 and Rickenbacker 4003 just as passionately as forward-thinking products from Yamaha, Sadowsky and Electro-Harmonix. And in our world-class education section, our tutors cover both old-school techniques and modern ones. 

You see our point. Bass has been launched forward by an explosive past, and we’re going with it.