Duane Allman Playing Secrets DVD

Duane Allman Playing Secrets DVD
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Long-time Guitar World Associate Editor Andy Aledort masterfully teaches you how to play like the legendary Duane Allman, a feat he himself has admirably accomplished as touring and performing guitarist for over 11 years now with Allman Brothers Band co-founder Dickie Betts and his band, Dickie Betts & Great Southern. Focusing mostly on the relevant keys of A, E, G and D, Andy begins by presenting the foundational elements of Duane’s single-note soloing style in standard tuning, from a technical-theoretical standpoint, showing you scales that Allman used most often, namely minor and major pentatonic, the blues scale, major and minor hexatonic, the Dorian mode and dominant pentatonic, as well as various melodic patterns and Duane’s use of chromatic passing tones, both in fixed positions and up and down single strings, as Duane would often play. Andy then demonstrates how Allman would employ these scales and patterns in conjunction with techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, finger slides, string bending and vibrato, as well as the B.B. King-inspired “B.B. box” shape, to improvise in his signature blues-rock style, with examples inspired by Duane’s playing on such classic ABB recordings as “You Don’t Love Me,” “Blue Sky” and “Stormy Monday,” as well as the Derek and the Dominos song, “Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad.” Andy then authoritatively covers Allman’s celebrated slide guitar style and technique in open E tuning, including the legendary guitarist’s go-to scale shapes for slide soloing in this tuning in the keys of E and D, with a “grand finale” slide solo inspired by Duane’s playing on “Statesboro Blues.”!

Comes with notation book to follow along with DVD.