Play Like Your Rock Heroes

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Play Like Your Rock Heroes!

Play like over 40 of the world's greatest ever rock bands and guitarists, from Clapton and Hendrix through AC/DC and Queen, to Satriani and Malmsteen and all points in between and beyond!
We’ve also dug deep into Guitar Techniques’s vaults to bring you some of its very best rock lessons. Almost all rock styles are covered, from those 60s blues-rockers to the most technically gifted guitarists the genre has to offer. Our finest tutors explain everything in minute but clear detail, and each lesson comes with full audio and animated tab that follows the music. Just pop the disc into your computer to get started.
  • Rock Scales: learn these scales and you’ll find that everything else falls nicely into place.
  • Rock Chords: These are the chords you’ll encounter in rock songs and jams, but they’re usable in blues, pop, country and jazz styles too!
Learn the styles of five of the most influential rockers who have taken their genres to new levels and inspired countless other musicians along the way, featuring:
Southern , Blues , Progressive , Heavy , Instrumental , Neo- Classical...
...and loads more!