Home Studio Handbook: Part One & Two

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Home Studio Handbook: Part One & Two

Want to record music at home? These comprehensive guides from the makers of Future Music, Computer Music and Guitarist Magazine bring you the ultimate home studio handbook bundle!

Home Studio Handbook: Part One will walk you through the whole home recording shebang, from buying affordable hardware and instruments, through to setting up your recording space, writing songs, laying down tracks and honing them afterwards.
Mastered the basics? Move on to Home Studio Handbook: Part Two to take your music production to the next level. Learn songwriting, drum programming, recording, mixing, mastering and more. It's the complete guide to giving your tracks the professional polish they deserve.
Get both of these guides (individually priced at £9.99 each) for £16- giving you a saving of 20%
Both guides sold separately:
*Please note that this is an updated version of Home Studio Handbook: Beginners to Experts bundle on sale July 2015