Guitar for Beginners (13th Edition)

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Published 14th February 2019

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This new edition of Guitar for Beginners is on hand to be your learning companion, guiding you through the basics and helping you lay firm foundations for future development. Our step-by-step tutorials are even accompanied by free online resources such as video tutorials and audio files to point you in the right direction and provide examples of how your guitar playing should sound. With plenty of practice, you will be finger-picking, string bending and making compositions of your own in no time.

Getting started
- The ultimate guide and step-by-step tutorials will teach you the basics, from choosing the right guitar and knowing how to hold it to strumming and picking.

- Learn how to play basic chords, the secret behind finger picking, and how your computer, tablet and smartphone can help your practise and record.

Understanding music
- Interpreting guitar tab and musical notation can be daunting at first, but it’s worth learning the basics to improve your technique.

Play in the style of…
- Discover how certain genres get that distinct sound and how you can achieve it.

Also inside…
- The ultimate guide to the guitar
- Restring your guitar
- Hold your guitar
- Hold your pick
- Strum your guitar
- Warm up your hands
- Notes, strings and frets
- Play basic guitar chords
- Basic chord progression
- Play barre chords
- Barre chord tips
- Finger pick
- Play hammer-ons and pull-offs
- Practise string bending
- Mute strings
- Learn to slide
- Use natural harmonics
- Use a capo
- Use an amp
- Use effects
- Get the right guitar sound
- Play through a computer
- Get to grips with recording
- Record on a Mac
- Record on a PC
- Record on a smartphone or tablet
- Improve your technique with apps
- Read guitar tabs
- What is musical notation
- Read musical notation
- Understand time signatures
- Interpret key signatures
- Music glossary
- Introducing musical scales
- The major scale
- The minor scale
- The major pentatonic scale
- The minor pentatonic scale
- The blues scale
- Vertical improvisation
- Rock
- Metal
- Punk
- Indie
- Folk
- Country
- Blues
- Jazz
- Classical
- Pop
- Helpdesk
- Glossary of terms
- Chords list

Free with this bookazine...
- Over 20 video tutorials to help you get to know your guitar.
- Around 90 audio files to play along with, helping you compare your new skills with the intended sound.
- Original compositions ranging from metal and country to classic, to help you learn to play in the style of your favourite genre.

Page Count: 164