The Story of Metal Volume 2

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Published 25th July 2019

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In this second volume of The Story Of Metal, we look at the genre’s New Testament in all its noisy, larger-than-life, glory. We pick up the story in 1986, with the landscape-changing impact of thrash metal and Guns N’ Roses, then follow its breakneck journey through alt-metal, nu metal, metalcore and beyond. There are returning icons such as Maiden and Ozzy plus next-generation heroes in the shape of Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Babymetal and more, with all manner of wild and wonderful pit stops along the way. It all brings us up to today – the 50th anniversary of this genre we’re all here to salute. So raise a toast to a half-century of metal – and another to the next 50 years...

Page Count: 148