Jimmy Page Playing Secrets DVD

Jimmy Page Playing Secrets DVD
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In this 100+ minute lesson, long-time Guitar World Senior Music Editor and lifelong guitar-playing Led Zeppelin fan Jimmy Brown teaches you how to play, sound and improvise on the electric guitar like the great Jimmy Page, one of the most creatively brilliant and prolific innovators in the world of rock music. Topics covered include gear, tone production, use of effects and rhythm playing techniques, such as thumb fretting and exotic and “jazzy” chord voicings. Also covered extensively are Page’s signature lead playing techniques and phrasing elements, such as string bending, bending behind the nut, finger vibrato, go-to scale patterns and fretboard shapes, live improvising on classic Led Zeppelin songs, slide playing in standard, open G and open A tunings, and using DADGAD tuning to create a Celtic, “mystical” vibe. As a bonus chapter, you get an entertaining demonstration of how to bow a Gibson Les Paul guitar like a violin or cello while using distortion, echo and wah effects, as Page does to create his tradmark otherworldly, psychedelic howling and moaning sounds on songs like “Dazed and Confused” and “How Many More Times.”