100 Guitar Heroes

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Guitarist Presents '100 Guitar Heroes'
The guitar has played a fundamental role in the history of blues, jazz, rock and popular music over the past century, with many incredible musicians making their own, unique contributions to this diverse repertoire. 
100 Guitar Heroes features interviews with and profiles of many of the key guitar players across multiple genres, delving into their influences and motivations and players, the guitars and gear they used, how they recorded some of their most famous music and much more besides. 
Many of the interviews and profiles have been taken from the archives of Guitarist, Total Guitar & Guitar Techniques magazines from the past 25 years. This hand-picked selection also features profiles that have been commissioned exclusively for our 100 Guitar Heroes collection. In all cases, classic albums are listed for readers who want to investigate any artist’s music further – there’s something here to spark the passions of every fan of electric guitar music!
Hendrix, Clapton, BB King, Townshend, Bonamassa, Knopfler, Metheny, Richards, Slash, Gilmour, SRV, Benson, Van Halen, Page, Gallagher...
...and so many more!